Pull up a seat. Sit awhile. Take a load off. This is the best place to find out about all of my current and upcoming comic-oriented projects. You’ve found the comic book home of James Burns, graphic designer and artist. If you're looking for James' graphic design site, please follow this link.

My latest comic book

My latest comic is part memoir, part fiction, part documentary, with a smidge of political ranting. It's called The House of Covid and it starts with a story about my Covid year, throws in a redrawn story from an old anthology of mine, reminisces about household utensils, explains that Herr Drumpf was not really a very good president, and winds up with a sketchbook of my 60s television viewing.

You can pick up your copy on IndyPlanet, or at one of the comic book shows I’ll be attending around town. I'm glad to have something productive come out of this nightmare.

How did I start making comics?

I've always enjoyed comics as a medium, from childhood to the present day. There's something about storytelling with words and pictures that I find very compelling, and I always wanted to do it myself. But I never had a story I wanted to tell.

Then in 2002, I was diagnosed with a detached retina, which threatened my eyesight. After recovering, and at age 45, I wrote and drew my first comic book, Detached, about that experience and since then I've started doing commercial illustration, as well as creating the weekly comic strip Grumbles.

What you'll find here

Here you'll find links to all my comics (including Grumbles), my gallery of comic-oriented images, a series of tutorials about comics, comic-oriented links, and lastly, a way to get in touch with me.